using nature to treat anxiety in houston texas

Anxiety Therapy

Your thoughts are restless or nonstop. Chronic worry is keeping you up at night. Your high need for achievement is translating into impossible standards.


At times, your heart races, breathing gets shallow, and you feel really scared. Other times, you're unable to stop checking things, searching online for answers, or having others reassure you in order to feel better. 


Even worse, you avoid meaningful things out of fear. Your entire life is starting to revolve around dealing with anxiety. If you're looking to start coping with anxiety:

You've come to the right place to stop the struggle.



Therapy for Anxiety in Texas

Having anxiety is part of the human experience and can be quite useful for identifying danger. However, at times it becomes totally consuming, overwhelming, or even debilitating. Some people with anxiety end up dealing with anxiety their entire lives while others have “bouts” of it during periods of heightened stress or difficult situations. Many people have symptoms of one or more different anxiety conditions. In fact, dealing with anxiety is the most common psychiatric concern, and approximately 25% of the population struggle with it during their lifetime. The good news is that anxiety disorders are highly treatable with therapy. In fact, treatments for anxiety can get you lasting relief from them by learning psychological strategies.

Have you been experiencing signs of anxiety?

Most people have figured out some tricks to not feel so bad. In other words, there might be things, people, or situations that you’re avoiding in order to temporarily reduce your anxiety or other negative emotions. For instance, you may binge Netflix, drink alcohol, clean excessively, or stay really busy. Though these escape and distraction strategies can temporarily shut down uncomfortable thoughts and feelings, the discomfort tends to return a short while later. Another side effect of avoidance is that it’s not whom you want to be or how you want to show up in your life.


My Approach to Anxiety Treatment in Houston, TX

Learn to stop the avoidance cycle that works to maintain your current anxiety and learn to surf the waves. You can expect therapy for anxiety with me to be active and you will be strongly encouraged to work on skills outside of our sessions to see your desired results. At Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC, find your ease and peace of mind with specialized and evidence-based therapy for anxiety disorders. After a thorough assessment, I will create a treatment plan that best fits your needs. The gold standard for treating anxiety disorders is  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), or a variation of CBT called Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which includes components of mindfulness and a way to start to more of what is important to you in life. Both CBT and ACT approaches will provide you with strategies to move forward and not be consumed by your anxious mind. With the right help, you can overcome your challenges quickly and effectively. 

You are afraid of surrender because you don't want to lose control. But you never had control; all you had was anxiety.
-Elizabeth Gilbert
using yoga to treat anxiety in houston texas

Types of Anxiety Include:

Anxiety Disorder

GAD is excess and persistent worrying about a number of different areas of your life, such as finances, relationships, work, family, future, health etc. You may feel a constant sense of dread, have muscle tension, difficulty sleeping, or other physical symptoms associated with anxiety.

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a sudden, short-lived, intense rush of fear that often come out of the blue. Symptoms include racing heart, chest tightness, shortness of breath, feeling shaky, dizzy, or weak, or your surroundings feel unreal. You may feel like you’re going crazy, dying, or losing control.  Panic attacks are treated with interoceptive exposure and other CBT techniques.

Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is characterized by fear of being negatively judged or rejected by others in a social or performance situation. Therefore, it’s common that people with social anxiety avoid situations that would cause distress, or if they can’t avoid the situation, then they experience significant anxiety and discomfort.


Perfectionism is characterized by having high standards for yourself or others that are impossible to meet, leading to chronic feelings of failing or not being good enough. You may believe that there is only one way to do things and rules must be followed.  

Health Anxiety (hypochondriasis)

Health, or illness, anxiety is the preoccupation with thinking you have, or could contract a serious illness. This is coupled with a strong need for reassurance.
With CBT, feel better without needing excessive medical investigations, appointments, or avoiding medical professionals altogether.


Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a condition where people experience both unwanted intrusive or obsessive thoughts/urges and compulsive behaviors done to relieve the distress of the obsessional thoughts. 


Have you experienced something that you just can't shake? Learn to change your haunting memories to just bad memories with proven techniques for lasting relief!


Agoraphobia is when someone fears and avoids certain places or situations that might cause them to feel trapped, embarrassed, or helpless. 

Rainbow in the sky over a hilltop. You can feel better with Anxiety Treatment in Houston, TX and in online anxiety therapy in Houston, TX here. Get the help you need to alleviate your anxiety symptoms with an expert anxiety therapist here!


What is Holding You Back From Beginning Anxiety Treatment in Houston, TX?

Therapy at Inner Balance Psychological Services PLLC can help you move beyond your tendency to avoid what’s uncomfortable. Get help setting goals, stay focused on tasks even when they’re scary, and start living life on your terms. Let's start dealing with anxiety rather than avoiding it. Start coping with anxiety and notice your life become more fulfilling. 

Begin Online Anxiety Treatment in Houston, Texas

Maybe you have some concerns that anxiety therapy in Houston, TX won’t work for you. Therefore you're unsure whether to begin. If there is a small part of you that is curious and open to the possibility of thriving, then consider reaching out to discuss. I offer a free 15-minute consultation by phone to see if we are the right fit. During that call, ask any questions you might have about treatment and I will provide you with an idea of what you can likely expect in our work together based on your situation and needs. To begin your therapy journey and to find some relief, follow these simple steps:

  1. Contact Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC

  2. Meet with Dr. Kristin Calverley, your expert online anxiety therapist 

  3. Start to regain control and find relief 


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Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC provides specialized reproductive mental health services for women. Services include therapy for postpartum support, postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, postpartum OCD, pregnancy stressreproductive trauma, and infant loss.


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