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Anxiety, though part of the normal human experience, is problematic when it regularly interferes with your sleep, concentration, mood, digestion, energy, emotional reactivity, relationships, and work performance. Because anxiety is so unpleasant, both mentally and physically, it’s common to begin changing how you respond to the world and people around you. Before you know it, you realize you haven't done the things that would actually help you feel better. You no longer recognize your life and how it’s catering to the anxiety. When your anxiety starts to interfere with your everyday functioning, it can be helpful to see a specialist that can help you learn how to manage it better.

At Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC, anxiety is addressed with leading, evidence-based psychological treatments catered to your needs. Learn Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) techniques to move you beyond your current distress. You can expect therapy to be active, structured, and systematic, so that you can find relief, quickly. Develop lasting tools to manage your anxiety, get perspective, and regain control of your life.

Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC offers specialized services for new, expectant, or wannabe moms to help navigate this important life transition. Get help with feeling checked out, on edge, panicky, or having thoughts that something bad could happen to your baby. Learn how to prevent postpartum depression (PPD) or anxiety (PPA) or overcome current symptoms you may be having. Additional services are available for difficult deliveries, having a premature or critically ill baby, or other reproductive challenges such as infertility, pregnancy loss, premenstrual dysphoria (PMS/PMDD), or mood changes during the transition to menopause. 


I am certified in Perinatal Mental Health (PMH-C) and understand how your symptom trajectory, hormones, social support system, and expectations all impact how you’re doing. Therapy shouldn’t feel like a burden or one more task to add to your already overwhelming days. Therefore, when working with moms, I typically use present-focused and practical treatment methods  that equip you with tools to improve your overall well-being.


Learn to be kinder to yourself, feel less overwhelmed, and more balanced during the fourth trimester and beyond. Create a support system and feel heard during your adjustment to motherhood. Discover ways to gain freedom from your stuck thoughts and feelings. Become more comfortable and confident in your role as a mother, feeling more calm and connected. As an added bonus, access secure online therapy from the comfort of your home to meet you where you are.

At Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC we understand that the mind and body are inextricably linked. When things are off balance in one area, there are ripple effects into multiple areas of your life. If you’re struggling with sleep disturbance, pain, IBS or IBD, or a chronic medical condition, you may be struggling emotionally with your quality of life significantly affected.


Psychological therapy for health and physical concerns can help you learn to live your life more fully and vibrantly. Learn how your beliefs about your physical concerns may be limiting your joy and inner peace. Develop new coping strategies to address how to live better, even with symptoms or conditions that may be out of your control. Learn how the role of stress impacts your physical health and expand your skills to manage stress. Build on the things you can control. Together we will find what you need to feel better and start doing the things that really matter to you. Services are offered online through a secure video platform for your added convenience.

Learn to let go of what is out of your control. Shift your focus to what you can change. Begin directing your energy toward things that you're passionate about and give your life purpose.


Want to learn more and discuss your concerns? Sign up for a Free 15-minute consultation.

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Specialized Services

  • Anxiety Treatment

  • Perfectionism

  • Health anxiety/Hypochondriasis


  • Postpartum OCD

  • Insomnia

  • Chronic Illness


Evidence-Based Therapy

Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC provides specialized and individualized psychotherapy for adults who are experiencing anxiety, challenges related to pregnancy and postpartum, and health issues. I am committed to helping and empowering women, professionals, and creatives. Services are offered in-person or online for your convenience. 


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