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Online Therapy in Texas

For clients residing in Texas

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Online Therapy

Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC provides online therapy, also known as telehealth or virtual therapy to clients located anywhere in the state of Texas to fit your schedule and lifestyle.


Having therapy sessions online is equally effective as in-person sessions, only with increased comfort and convenience, whether that be from your home, office, car, or park. As long as there is privacy, the ability to connect is still very much there. It also allows for more insight into problems in the environment where they occur. This can be most helpful for OCD and anxiety disorders. In many ways, online therapy is an ideal fit for the types of clients I serve who lead busy and full lives.

Benefits of Online Therapy in Houston, TX


Most people find online therapy preferable to the commute, traffic jams, bad weather, and parking hassles of attending in-person sessions. If your work schedule is busy, maximize your productivity by having therapy from your office over your lunch hour or downtime.



Online therapy is the perfect fit for postpartum moms! Maybe you’re still recovering, feeding around the clock, lacking childcare or just feeling uneasy about venturing out with a newborn. Maybe you’re really sleep-deprived and would rather have therapy with your own pillows behind you while your baby naps on your chest. I also work with clients with medical concerns and chronic illness and meeting online can be ideal if symptoms are flaring up or mobility is compromised.


Online therapy is a great solution if you reside somewhere with minimal services or simply need therapy specialization that’s located elsewhere. Similarly, Houston is a huge city and it’s not uncommon to commute an hour for therapy. Why not log into the secure video platform from wherever you are.I also want to help Texans in urban and rural areas find their person. Likewise, if you travel a lot for work such as Sugarland, Pasadena, or the Bay Area, you can continue to access your session from anywhere within the state. Depending on your country of origin, I'm able to provide international services. Contact me to find out more about these exciting new developments in online therapy to get more information about your location and options for services.  


Sometimes, clients prefer to come in person for therapy sessions. I do offer limited in-person sessions (not during COVID, however). If you’re committed to attending in person, but something has come up on that particular day or time. Let’s chat and see if an online session would better suit your needs.

Online Therapy in Texas Can Help

Overall, my goal is to have therapy be highly accessible to you when you really need it, easy to prioritize, and one less thing to think about. Click below to get your free consultation and see how online therapy can benefit your specific needs.

How Does

Online Therapy


Outside office with laptop, coffee, table and chair near stone wall. With everything going on right now, you may  benefit from online therapy in texas. With the help of a skilled online therapist you can recieve the help you need. Begin online therapy near me with Inner Balance Houston Psychological Services PLLC in Houston, Texas today! 77006 | 76092 | 75077 | 77079

 I provide HIPAA compliant, encrypted video-based therapy using a safe and secure virtual therapy platform. The platform I use is called “Telehealth by Simple Practice” and is located through the Secure Client Portal available for clients in Texas. If you’re outside of Texas, please inquire about services for your current location.

What Do I

Need For

Online Therapy?

Women in house drinking coffee with note book and glasses. She is about to begin her online therapy in Texas session with a skilled online psychologist. If you're wonderign whether counseling is accessible to you, look no further with online therapy in Houston, Texas with Inner Balance Houston PLLC is one click away | 76092 | 75077 | 77079

For online therapy in Texas, you will need a good internet connection. Feel free to use a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Any device you would typically use for FaceTime, Zoom, etc. will work with my secure online therapy platform.

You also need a private space where you won’t be disturbed.

Need Help Setting Up Your Online Therapy Sessions?

Begin Online Therapy in Houston, TX with
Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC today.

In order to remove barriers to accessing therapy, I provide online psychological treatment to meet your schedule, location, and lifestyle.

Here’s how to get started with online therapy in Texas or internationally: 

1.    Contact me to schedule your first appointment or free 15-minute phone consultation.
2.    Attend your initial intake appointment via the online client portal with Dr. Kristin Calverley and start getting the psychological support you need.
3.  Begin to find inner balance, vitality, and connection.

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