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Be the mother, partner, friend, and woman you want to be with quality postpartum support.

Young mother holding stomach in black and white photo. Being a mother is a rewarding and stressful job. sometimes you just need a break for yourself. Help for postpartum depression in houston, tx and postpartum anxiety in houston, tx could be the answer for you. If you're ready to begin receiving postpartum support in houston today, lets get started. Inner balance psychological services 77006.
With the Right Pregnancy and Postpartum Support, You CAN Feel Better

Getting pregnant and having a baby is a beautiful, life-changing experience. It can also be challenging. The reality of becoming a mother may not meet the expectations you set for yourself. You may have had visions of joy-filled days with your new baby, happily soaking in every second of your precious new life. 

Signs of Postpartum Stress

You may be dealing with a difficult pregnancy, morning sickness, or hyperemesis, or complications making you high-risk. Other times, the pregnancy is uneventful but you just don’t feel like yourself or other life stressors are affecting you. Then, once the baby arrives, the sleep deprivation is overwhelming, and you may feel like you’re just going through the motions. Feeding the baby isn't straightforward like you hoped and nothing seems to come easily. You’re lucky if you get a shower or any time for yourself during those first few months. It may seem like all the other moms have it together and you’re the only one feeling this way. You can no longer relate to your friends. You're worried sick about things and can't shake the guilt of not being and doing enough. There's no balance and you feel like you're drowning in it all. 

But you feel exhausted, sad, anxious, and overwhelmed. 


Many women feel this way. The “baby blues” are very common. However, experiencing any of the following more than a couple of weeks following delivery means you are likely suffering from postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, or both. 

  • overwhelming sadness

  • repetitive anxious thoughts about harm coming to your baby

  • irritability

  • dread

  • guilt

I appreciate you may be feeling ashamed for not being euphoric after having a baby.  This doesn’t reflect how much you love your baby. It’s not your fault if you’re struggling.  
Like many new and experienced moms, you likely put everyone else’s needs before your own. That means you may shrug off seeking help. However, getting help for postpartum depression and anxiety can help you feel better so you can enjoy your new little family.

Symptoms of Postpartum Depression and Anxiety


Postpartum depression (PPD) and postpartum anxiety (PPA) symptoms may begin during or after pregnancy. And neither mental health concern discriminates. One in five women globally experiences PPD and PPA. These issues affect millions of women of every age and race and three-quarters of them are not properly diagnosed or treated.


Postpartum depression can result from a combination of several things, including:

  • genetics

  • prior history of depression

  • hormone changes 

  • stressful life events during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth

  • medical complications during childbirth

  • lack of emotional support from family, friends, or partner


After your baby arrives, sleep deprivation and isolation can do a number on your mental health as a new mom. But how do you know if you’re experiencing PPD or PPA and not just a little sad or tired? 

There are some key signs and symptoms to look out for. 
Postpartum depression symptoms:

  • overwhelming feelings of sadness

  • frequent crying

  • intense Irritability and anger

  • feeling numb

  • inability to connect with your baby

  • feelings of inadequacy as a mother

  • pervasive guilt

  • withdrawal from family and friends

  • loss of appetite

  • hopelessness

  • thoughts of death or suicide

If you relate to any of these symptoms, or even if you just feel like something is “off,” getting postpartum depression treatment in Houston should be your next move. 

Postpartum anxiety symptoms:

  • constant worry about something bad happening

  • difficulty sleeping 

  • inability to relax

  • racing thoughts

  • panic symptoms or attacks

  • muscle tension

  • heart palpitations

  • trouble breathing

  • fear that others are judging you

  • inability to delegate or share responsibility

  • feeling not good enough

After you have your baby, it’s very common to experience PPA. The good news is that it is highly treatable. I provide help for postpartum anxiety using evidence-based psychological treatments. Contact me to chat about whether my services would be the right fit for you.

Beautiful pink flowers. If you have recently experienced birth trauma in houston, tx  then getting help from a pregnancy therapist may help the recovery process more manageable. At inner balance we also offer help for postpartum support in houston tx and postpartum depression in houston, tx. If you have been struggling with  postpartum anxiety in houston, tx Inner Balance Houston Psychological Services is here to help.  77006
Get help with feeling stuck, overwhelmed, guilty, or worried. Build self-compassion & confidence.
Help for Postpartum OCD

Another postpartum mental health concern I can address with you is postpartum OCD. You may feel like your mind is on overdrive and won’t stop tormenting you with scary thoughts about something bad happening to your baby. 

You can’t shake the doubts that keep creeping in and wonder if you can ever return to your prior self when you didn’t worry about these kinds of things. You are constantly checking the baby, Google, and asking others for reassurance, but it’s never enough.

Or perhaps you find yourself trying to control how everyone interacts with your baby, creating friction and tension. 

PP OCD is characterized by intrusive thoughts and worries that generate a lot of distress along with behavioral responses aimed at making you feel better. 

I get it. I can help. 

Using first-line treatment techniques for OCD, such as Exposure and Response Prevention (E/RP) I’ll work with you to identify and target your intrusive thoughts, feelings, and habitual responses to overcome postpartum OCD.


Pregnancy Stress Support


Symptoms of PPD and PPA can actually begin before you give birth. Whether you are dealing with a lack of support from loved ones, stressful life situations, anxious thoughts about becoming a mother, or a high-risk pregnancy, getting the mental health support you need is crucial. 

Together, we can navigate your feelings of stress during pregnancy with compassion, and ease. I’ll help you learn and develop the tools and strategies you need to face and overcome depression, anxiety, and OCD both while pregnant and after giving birth.

I can help you sort out what’s going on and
how best to find relief. Start thriving again!
Young mother holding babies feet in hands. This mother is getting postpartum support in houston texas with inner balance houston psychological services. If you're are struggling with postpartum depression in houston, tx or postpartum anxiety in houston tx, I can help you. I also specialize in birth trauma in houston, tx. Let's begin healing your stress today so you can enjoy motherhood with better ease. 77006
Dealing with Pregnancy Loss

Losing a baby is an almost indescribable trauma no woman should ever have to endure. Unfortunately, pregnancy loss is estimated to occur in 25% of pregnancies. The loss of a baby is often a trauma that goes unseen and unrecognized by society. It’s typically a taboo subject people are scared to talk about for fear of causing further pain. 

However, working through your grief and pregnancy loss is critical to your mental health. There are a range of emotions you may be feeling and there’s no right or wrong way to grieve your loss. I’ve worked in several areas of perinatal and postpartum care directly and feel comfortable guiding you along your healing journey. No matter how long you need, I’m here to support you.


Image by Dev Asangbam
Postpartum Stress Support

Even if you don’t think you officially have PPD or PPA, you’re likely to experience some level of postpartum stress. Like many new moms, you may just push your feelings of overwhelm and tension to the back-burner so you can focus on meeting everyone else’s needs.

Putting yourself first is extremely important. Not just for you, but for your relationships with your family and child. 

I am passionate about helping women like you work through their challenges with postpartum stress. My compassionate, empathic therapy approach includes giving you the exact steps you need to take to begin feeling more like yourself again.

Reproductive and Birth Trauma Support in Houston

There are many other experiences outside of PPD and PPA surrounding pregnancy and childbirth that qualify as birth trauma. You may need valuable support from things like:

  • traumatic delivery experiences

  • medical interventions and procedures

  • having a baby in the NICU

  • miscarriage

  • stillbirth

  • struggles to conceive

I have a passion for helping women navigate pregnancy anxiety, postpartum depression, OCD, and stress using calm, compassionate, and understanding postpartum support. If you experienced challenges during pregnancy and childbirth or are battling postpartum mental health struggles, I can help. You can feel better. All you have to do is reach out. 

Get Postpartum Support From a Qualified Specialist 

When seeking postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression treatment in Houston, it’s important to find a qualified specialist. You want a postpartum therapist who is specifically trained and experienced in the nuances of perinatal and reproductive mental health.

That’s where I come in. 

I am certified in Perinatal Mental Health by Postpartum Support International (PMH-C), which is the gold standard in the perinatal field. For over a decade, I’ve helped women just like you overcome reproductive challenges. I created new programs for psychotherapy embedded in several different women’s health units, including:

  • Antenatal units

  • OB/GYN outpatient clinics

  • HIgh-risk maternal-fetal medicine clinics

  • Postpartum units

  • NICUs

As the mom of two young children myself, I can relate firsthand to the life-altering transition to motherhood. Being a mom can be challenging in many ways, but dealing with pregnancy or postpartum struggles isn’t something you have to bear alone. 
You may struggle with putting yourself before others, you deserve to feel better. Together, we can get you feeling more like yourself, so you can enjoy a fulfilling, happier life with your child, and in your blossoming as a mother.



Women's Mental Health Services

Inner Balance Psychological Services, PLLC provides specialized reproductive mental health services for women. Services include therapy for postpartum support, postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression, postpartum OCD, pregnancy stress, reproductive trauma, and infant loss.

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